Distinguish Service Award – A legislative advocate who has demonstrated outstanding vision for change and leadership in advocating for children and families at-risk and the providers who care for them.


The GCCF selects for the Distinguish Service Award ….. Stan Jones.


He has been a long time servant for families and children and an advocate for all providers of services to children.


Mr. Jones serves on the Executive Committee of the Dean's Council for the Emory University School of Public Health, Governor Perdue's Mental Health Service Delivery Commission, he serves on the board of directors and the executive committee of Georgia Health Decisions and serves as chairman of the board of Visiting IMG_4514Nurse Health Systems, Inc.  He also is a founding board member of the Atlanta Community Court Foundation.  Previously he served as chairman of the Georgia Commission on Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Service Delivery, and as Vice President for Public Policy of the National Mental Health Association. He was also the founding president of Project Interconnections, an initiative that, under the leadership of Honorary Chairperson and former first lady Rosalynn Carter, has built over 200 units of housing in Atlanta for homeless persons suffering from mental illness. Mr. Jones has been extensively involved in the mental health movement in Georgia since working on gubernatorial and presidential commissions for the Carter family. Mr. Jones has also served on several other community boards and currently serves on the board of advisors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and participates on the Governor's Roundtable. 


He played a meaningful role in the advocacy for HB 618-educatioanl support for residential schools. 


He publicly put his personal/family story about the loss of his son to suicide in the AJC in advocacy efforts for changing the state mental heath system/hospital system


The GCCF is please to award the Distinguished Leadership Award to Stan Jones



Leadership Award – An individual who has made outstanding contributions by supporting and leading his/her staff and /or agency. 


The GCCF selects for the Leadership Award . . . Frank Berry.  For the past twenty years, Frank Berry has worked in a variety of public service roles. You may know him through his many positions with the GRN Community Service Board, or in his leadership role at the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, or through a community partnership effort or event, or perhaps he has been on the other end of your own “crisis call” for a youth or family that had exhausted all options and needed help.


Whatever role Frank has served in, including his current post as the Chief Executive Officer at GRN, one thing is certain: You recognized Frank Berry as a person IMG_4485with total dedication and commitment to serving kids and families. Frank’s willingness to think, listen, act, and fund creatively has made a difference in countless lives: both through youth and families touched, and through his inspiration to other professionals. Frank tirelessly challenges those around him by asking “Why not?” and “How can we do better?”, and these words are undergirded by his personal and professional honesty, integrity and compassion.


There are many that appreciate Frank’s warmth and intelligence, and recognize the glow of a proud Dad when he speaks of his own children, but what truly distinguishes Frank Berry is that he not only makes lives better for others, but makes us better in the process. Georgia is fortunate to claim Frank as our advocate, leader, friend, outstanding professional, and genuine servant leader.


The GCCF is proud to select for the individual for the Leadership Award, Frank Berry. 




Outstanding Agency – An agency who has demonstrated outstanding service to children.


The GCCF selects for Outstanding Agency . . . . . SafePath Advocacy Center.  This child serving agency has consistently demonstrated outstanding service to children.  SafePatIMG_4481h is the one agency that stands out as a consistent leader in meeting the needs of children who have alleged sexual and severe physical abuse.  Founded in 1995, it established a comprehensive approach to the intervention and investigation of child abuse cases. 


SafePath’s comprehensive services which include a welcoming environment, crisis counseling, therapy, group treatment, medical services, court assistance, crime victims assistance, victim advocacy, and referral services makes its an agency to be immulated. It has been named as a mentor site by the National Children’s Alliance.  Don Keenan calls it one of the best advocacy centers that he has seen.  Named for several honors such as the TBS Pathfinder’s Award, President Bush’s Faith Based Award, and the Governor Perdue’s recognition for effective services.


SafePath is honored by the GCCF as this years Outstanding Agency. 




Friend of Children and Families Volunteer Award – An individual who has made a significant commitment to making a difference for children in foster care and juvenile justice placements.


The GCCF selects for Friend of Children and Families Volunteer Award …..David Danley.  This IMG_4486volunteer has volunteered countless hours with children and teens in the therapeutic foster care program of Creative Community Services.  He has worked as a mentor to one adolescent make with whom he has shown dedication and support to his wellbeing.  As this young man transitioned through several foster care placements and out of foster care, David continued his commitment to this young man.


This dedication to others has been shown to others who have been touched by his love, care, dedication and guidance.  Not content just to mentor, he serves on the CCS board and went through the entire foster parent training class so that he could be a respite parent.  Others know that they can count on David.  His dependability makes him an asset to any organization and to any child who looks to him as an adult mentor. 


GCCF is proud to select David Danley for the Friend of Children and Families Volunteer Award. 




Juvenile Court Attorney of the Year – A child welfare law attorney, including a SAAG, juvenile defender, child or parent attorney, who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to children and families. 


The GCCF select for Juvenile Court Attorney of the Year. . . . J. Michael Love.  This attorney has maintained a private law practice in Savannah for the past 30 years.  For most of this time, he has served as a tireless advocate for children and families.  He serves as an appointed attorney for delinquent children in the Chatham County Juvenile Court.  He is also a Parent Attorney in deprivation cases. 


He was instrumental in forming the Family Dependency Treatment Court and has served as a team member since its inception in 2007.  He attends both staffings and hearing weekly and is a true advocate for participants and their children.  He continues to strive to find ways to help children find permanency, preferably with their parents. He spends countless nights working on cases and plans for the courts.  He is committed to helping families with issues that separate them from their children such as drug abuse, or household budgeting, legal problems and parenting challenges.  His commitment to children and families is demonstrated day in and out to all those who work with him.  His tireless efforts are worthy of recognition. 


GCCF is proud to select J. Michael Love as Juvenile Court Attorney of the Year.



Outstanding Social Service Award in a Public Agency – A social service worker who has made outstanding contributions.


This year’s recipient of the GCCF Outstanding Social Service Award in a Public Agency is …..Audrey Brannen.  Audrey was selected because of her continued commitment to advocate for the children and families of Georgia who might not otherwise haIMG_4484ve a voice. As the Permanency expeditor for DFCS Region 5 (the counties surrounding Clarke), Audrey has brought passion, creativity and determination to the role. She has strengthened relationships with both private and public partners and developed new ones to benefit the youth in her region.


Audrey is able to network effectively, seek out information that will advance a plan and bring others to the table to join her in getting kids what they need. She has become an expert on the mental health initiatives in the State and can explain CBAY almost as well as the people providing it! She is smart and funny and DFCS is lucky to have her on board.


GCCF is proud to select Audrey Brannen – Outstanding Social Service Award in a Public Agency.



Outstanding Social Service in a Private Agency – A social service worker who has made outstanding contributions in a private agency.


This year’s recipient of the GCCF Outstanding Social Service Award is …..Andre Blanchard.  Andre winning this award makes perfect sense to the people who work with him evIMG_4483ery day. As the Residential Collaborative Director for the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC), Andre is widely respected and known for his genuineness and sense of humor. The youth with whom he interacts never forget him, and it is not uncommon for Andre’ and a youth he worked with 10 years ago to run into each other and pick up the conversation where they left it. About the only thing surprising about André winning this award will be his own distain for awards and recognition. Andre is humble and unassuming which makes him an effective collaborator and a trusted coworker.


Andre joined MAAC almost 2 years ago after many years at the Bridge and both MAAC and the rest of its member agencies have benefited from the move. As part of the leadership team, Andre has been instrumental in helping MAAC move from an agency of 6 staff two years ago to an agency with almost 30 staff and growing. His calm, cooperative, knowledgeable, humorous demeanor is of great value to those around him, including his colleagues and the youth he serves.


GCCF is proud to select Andre Blanchard – Outstanding Social Service in a Private Agency.



Public Servant – An individual in a public agency that has exercise exceptional leadership and vision. 


This year’s recipient of the GCCF Public Servant Award goes to …… B.J. Walker


Some may disagree with her methods, some may disagree with her style. 


IMG_4497But none can disagree with her vision.  Her vision was that all children should have forever families and communities.  No child should be in care the care of the State if there were a family member that could care for the child.  No child should be in care any longer than they need to.  Practice needs to be measured for outcomes.  Everyone needs  supervision.


None can disagree with her results.  Since her appointment in 2004,



She had a vision for how child welfare could be done in Georgia and implemented it.


It is for these reasons that the GCCF awards B.J. Walker the Public Servant of the Year Award. 




Bayes Vision for Children Award – This award is for recognition of an individual as an outstanding advocate and visionary for at-risk children.


This year’s recipient of the GCCF Gail Bayes Vision for Children Award is ….. Kathy HerrenIMG_4487




Eugene Calhoun Lifetime Achievement Award – this award is for recognition of an individual for lifetime achievement in services to at-risk children.


This year’s recipient of the GCCF Eugene Calhoun Lifetime Achievement Award is ….. Beth Tillman of the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes.  Since the tender age of 19, Beth has lived and breathed the Boy’s Ranch.  In 1971, Beth began as a secretary working her way through college.  Now, 39 years later, she is now the  Director of Child Care for the Boy’s Ranch.  She has worked every job at the Boys Ranch.  From preparing meals in the kitchen to serving as a relief parent, she did what was required to care for children. 


Beth is an inspiration to her staff and charges.  One former foster child wrote, “Her dedication to underprivileged children has inspired me to give back.”  He continues, “ I am so thankful for instilling this quality in me.  She believes in me and gave me the confidence that I would succeed. “  What greater achievement is there as to help a child. Multiply this child by the hundreds. 


The GCCF is please to award the GCCF Eugene Calhoun Lifetime Achievement Award to Beth Tillman.